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Holiday Activity Courses - up to 8 people - 1, 2 or 3 days
Nationally advertised, and recommended.

Have a few days of time out in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside learning the craft of dry stone walling with the area's highest qualified instructor, a working waller / sculptor with 19 years experience all over the UK and abroad.

Learn to build a traditional wall (various kinds) or a sheep stell, or circle. With patience, practice, and newly found skill and enjoyment you will build it. Take the skills you learn home and transform your garden.

Hobby courses for the inquisitive to the enthusiast.- a fun day or two guaranteed. Lots of pet projects and beautiful training sites. Make your lasting mark on the landscape.

Accommodation arranged
1, 2 , 3 , 4 star - from bunkhouses to four star country hall accommodation.

Farm activity holidays and country breaks arranged
Holiday packages coastal or country - wide local knowledge. Combination activities, craft skills, walking, ancient stonework, woodland crafts, coastal activities, birdwatching - enquire for details.

Professional Courses - up to 8 people
  • 1, 2 or 3 days, or ongoing, leads to dswa certification when tested to set standard.
  • MOD training
  • College walling for NVQ`s
  • DSWA Tests for initial, intermediate and advanced craftsman Certification and Professional registration.

Professional Qualifications: Certification
Certification is to DSWA certification standards. We do not give Certificates of completion, attendance, or other which may be misconstrued as certificates of competence / skill level. Any person described as Professional Master Craftsman or other level, or implied, should appear on the DSWA website at dswa.org.uk. Many good wallers are not members of DSWA but you can check by looking at the website dswa.org.uk that the waller can build to a professional standard.

Tests Standards:
To ensure complete impartiality all examiners are from outwith the trainee and Instructor's area. The tests are rigorous and exacting, and I require anyone wishing to take a DSWA test to take at least two days practice/training and must be a working waller or on a training course. We do not wish to waste the trainee's or examiner's time by presenting candidates that are not prepared for the test as this leads to waste of time and expense and disappointment both for the candidate, and examiner.

My hobby and adult learnig coureses sometimes have a certificate of attendance given by the college. This is not to be confused with a professional qualification.

Donald Gunn - Northumberland, UK

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